Improvement science for the public and social sector

QTurn’s purpose is to support social sector organizations as they build their Quality Improvement System (QIS) capacities and increase social value. Flipping the script on higher-stakes models that limit potential creates opportunities for social sector organizations to build capacities that support front-line managers and staff to experience ownership of the quality improvement agenda.

QTurn can help clients improve results by:

  • Engaging stakeholders with performance management and accountability systems
  • Deploying valid and useful performance measures, analytics, and data products
  • Generating proposals to fund innovation and produce validation evidence

At the policy level where rules are set and resources distributed

At the organization level where the performance management cycle is implemented

At the point-of-service level where teachers, youth workers, and case managers meet learners

At the center of our work is the Multi-level Person in Context: neuroperson (MPC:n) framework. You can learn more about this theory its practical applications here.

The name QTurn was inspired by the phrase “Great Turning.” In their book, Active hope: How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone use the term “Great Turning” to describe the need for a comprehensive turn away from outdated ways of carbon-based living in order to save our planet. QTurn is based on a similar premise: that big changes are happening in American education – a turning toward lower stakes quality improvement systems (QIS) that open up staff motivation, incentivize local innovation, build expertise over multiple cycles, and generate evidence of effectiveness.