Our Services

QTurn offers a unique and focused set of supports to organizations as they build their Quality Improvement System (QIS) capacities and increase social impact. We tailor our team working with an organization based on their capacity, goals and resources. In order to determine how we can support an organization - through consulting, training, technical assistance, and evaluation services, we begin by getting to know our clients and the communities they serve.

Social emotional learning and equity framework

What SEL policies and Curricula (explicit or implicit) are already in place?

Through what lens  does your organization understand SEL and equity work?

To what extent is SEL skill building already integrated into the program offering(s)?

Analytics and data products

What is the capacity to produce valid and useful data products, e.g., analytics, benchmarks,

dashboards, reports, evidence?

What kind of decision power is available from the information  already have?

How could integration of technology and automation help you do better at lower cost?

What technical skills does your team need to add and how can workflow be improved?

Performance management systems

Does your organization clearly name and communicate what high performance looks like?

Can your organization produce useful performance data and benchmarks?

Does your accountability approach create positive incentives for the staff?

Does your performance data validate your mission?

Proposal partnerships

Proposals for implementation and evaluation of quality improvement systems.

Proposals to develop and validate performance measures.